Epistemic Injustice

Miranda Fricker, Epistemic Injustice: One thing we’ve learned from this pandemic: those in power often ignore those in the know. Historically marginalized people will be all too familiar with what Fricker calls ‘credibility deficit’ – i.e., being perceived as less knowledgeable than one is. Since intelligence is central to humanity, disregard of this sort is dehumanizing. Trump exacerbated this injustice by leaning into identity prejudice with the press – e.g., telling Weijia Jiang to ‘ask China’ about the pandemic, and admonishing Yamiche Alcindor to ‘be nice, don’t be threatening“. As Covid-19 disproportionately ravaged African American communities, Fricker’s work diagnoses how black voices, concerns, experiences get sidelined when justice demands equal standing and influence. [recommended by Jill Rusin, Wilfrid Laurier University]

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